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        Just to add that your Forte SO should not have attributes for storing state information... otherwise the mapping does not work-out
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          We are pleased to present our product "F2JXlator - the smart transformator".

          This is a Forte to Java migration tool that will convert your TOOL code to Java. It not only handles simple conversions but also translates complex TOOL constructs that don't have an equivalent in Java. We call these smart transformations. We also have tools and methodologies to assess your current Forte system and come up with a migration strategy.

          Please check our website at www.agileitpartners.com for more information or send an email to info@agileitpartners.com and we will get in touch with you.

          We will be presenting our products and services at the UDS User Group Meeting at the Sun Network Conference on September 18th 2003.

          Thank you,

          Agile IT Partners Inc
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            Hi friends,

            I had been long time, since we talked about this.
            Did any of you successfully converted Forte to Java using any of the tools mentioned in this forum?

            How successful is that?

            Please let me know about this.
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              iam working in a company where we have tools to convert from forte to java, which is very easy.
              i am now in my third project of similar kind
              if you would like to know more then write to me.

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                Hi Ravishankar / others,

                Are any of you aware of any tool 'vendor'? The few companies I came across seem to have tools but seem to offer services using the tools


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                  Hey All.

                  Just an update on Forte to Java migration.

                  I've been involved on 2 successful Forte to Java migration projects over the last couple of years. Both were fairly large applications (1 million plus lines of forte code) for the energy and financial sectors. These two projects were delivered by Caro Systems partnering with Iterative Consulting.

                  You can get more information directly from them at:

                  Or feel free to send me an email at:

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                    Hi Everyone,

                    I thought I would add to this update.

                    I have been involved in over *10 successful* Forte migration projects working with SoftSol ([http://www.softsol-grp.com|http://www.softsol-grp.com/]).

                    All these projects were large mission critical applications. These projects were migrated to Java or .NET using SoftSol's automated tool and professional services. These are all large projects ranging from *500k* lines to *3.5 million* lines of Forte code.

                    If you are planning a Forte migration, I would highly recommend that you contact SoftSol ([http://www.softsol-grp.com/contact.html]).


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                      I'm aware of the company softsol as well. Apparently their conversion tool is inferior to the one provided by ITC, requiring more code to be rolled by hand. Softsol mitigate this by just putting more people on the project.....(costing more and taking more time)

                      jcTOOL from ITC does a much better job at converting Business and UI layers, requiring less remediation by hand.

                      Also, a number of companies have chosen not so use softsol, as they do most of their development offshore in India. This is a deal breaker for many.

                      The company I worked with, Caro Systems, provides on-site and near-shore development, working directly with the client to ensure the projects success.

                      Feel free to email me any questions,
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                        For the record: I'm just a worker bee who does what he's told. So I don't want to get into company bashing. I'm sure Caro/ITC has good tools.

                        Regarding software offshore development: This model provides customers tremendous cost benefits. Pros and cons of offshoring is a topic for a different forum - so I'll leave it at that.

                        Back to Forte migration: SoftSol's tools provide near +100% automation+ on Server and UI code. This has proven to be a deal-maker for large customers that use Forte. These customers run their mission critical applications* on Forte and they trust SoftSol to handle the migration for them. There have been one or two small customers who did not go with SoftSol. That was because their Forte application was much smaller and of lesser criticality - so they took a chance with other vendors for a lower cost. I know that because the customer himself told us.

                        Hope this clarifies.

                        Good luck* to all you companies doing Forte migration out there! Don't take this post the wrong way - someday, I may be looking for a job from your company :-)

                        - JJ
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