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    Oracle Apps and Datawarehouse (same DB or different DB?)


      We are going to implement a data warehouse where main source of data is the existing oracle application data.

      Currently we have oracle applications 11.0.3 with database 8i in hpux environment.

      We are trying to figure out whether we should put data mart in the same oracle apps database or in a different database.
      (advantages/disadvantages etc)

      We are looking for any suggestion from user who already implemented a datamart and also have oracle applications.

      Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.
      Thanks in advance.
      Guru Pal
      gpal@guthy-renker.com :lol: :o
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          Hmmm.... I guess it is "it depends"...

          Traditional wisdom proclaims that if you go to different data structures you are better of in a different database. In other words if you are not querying operational data and do not want to see up to the minute
          refreshes, you probably want to do a classic ETL to a separate data warehouse.

          If you are interested in doing more operational intelligence you should look into the DBI (Daily Business Intelligence) which runs on the Apps instance
          and is ideal for this sort of environment. In this case the reports run on aggregated daily information and you are almost current (depends on the refresh rate).

          So it depends on the scenario that you are looking at...