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    Problem in starting server instances in Cluster using nodeagent

      I have a cluster which is having 2 servers and in that one server is under nodeagent1(on the same host) and another is on nodeagent2 which is on an another host.

      When I start the Cluster instances the server in the nodeagent1 is getting started. But the server on the nodeagent2(which is on the other host) is not getting started.
      Always it says

      "Operation 'start' failed in 'server' Config Mbean. Target exception message: NAGT0023:The node agent could not start instance testserver. It is starting and must be stopped."

      If you wait for considerable amount of time and try to start it gives the same error. It looks like some process or something is running and depending on that it says the particular message.

      In the domain server.log also it has the same information. There is nothing comes in the server specific log.

      This seems to be an issue.
      Is anybody observed this issue. Is there any workaround for this?

      I am using Sun java Enterprise System 8.1 2005q4 version.