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    App Server 7 EE errors Please help

      Hi all

      I have a cluster of 3 App Servers 7 EE load balanced by 3 Web Servers.6.1

      When i access my clustered application it suddenly becomes slow and i get these 3 errors on and on in the Web Servers log:

      [24/Nov/2004:12:48:55] warning ( 3510): for host trying to GET /RCU/images/topnav_ing_logo.gif, finish-response reports: HTTP2228: Response content length mismatch (2697 bytes with a content length of 5290)
      [24/Nov/2004:13:05:56] warning ( 3510): reports: lb.runtime: ROUT1014: Non-idempotent request /RCU/css/ing_exchange-mx.css cannot be retried.
      [24/Nov/2004:12:15:02] info ( 3510): reports: lb.runtime: RNTM3003 : Error servicing the request : selected server could not service

      These errors cause the static content not being shown (images or css's), or the typical blue screen : "Due to a temporary error the request could not be serviced"
      The app servers dont show warnings or errors about this (they only show some HA SSO warnings) and the network settings look fine, I have no network or communication problems between the servers

      Does anyone know what could be happening??

      Thanks a lot