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    JSF validation messages are ugly?


      I started with JSF using Creator and after some minor problem which I could solve (with help from the forums), I have one question still unanswered. I tried in Creators forum, but noone replied, so here again:

      I have a very simple JSF application - only one texfield, one label, one message group and one button. The text field ist marked as required field. As I use the bundled AS PE 8.2 from creator, the message is show as:

      Validation Error: Value is required.

      This is fine and I can live with that (although I read about i18n of those messages). But if I use an AS PE 9 stand-alone or an GlassFish build (v2-b09) they look like this:

      form1:textField1: Validation Error: Value is required.

      This is rather ugly for the user, especially if I use a property sheet:

      form1:propertySheet1:kundendaten:kundennummer:textField1: Validation Error: Value is required.

      I have absolutely no idea where to look for solutions and didn't find anything on the forums or on the web. For development these detailed messages are quite useful, but for an end user they are too blown up (he doesn't and wants not to know about internal details - just a message that this field is required is enough).

      What can I do?

      Thanks for any hints!