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    Memory leaks per deployment

      I'm using SJSAS Platform Edition 8.2.
      We have a problem with memory leaks and stopping the server when heap space is full.
      I have noticed, that the heap space increases at deployment, but not per each deployment.
      Then we have updated the server with Update 4:


      There in the problem description (first patch) has been written, that: Memory leaks in libj2eeplugin.so for Application server per deployment
      But it's all the same, server has stopped when the heap space is full.
      What is libj2eeplugin.so and where it is located, I have not found it.

      Thank you for replies.

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          I have a problem with SJSAS 8.2 PE Update 4: OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
          How can I solve this problem without upgrading to SJSAS 9.1 Update 1?

          If it unsolved problem, may be we need to install the Enterprise Edition implementaion as production server? Or it will have a same problem?