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    Application Server 9.1 JMS connection errors

      We are running SJSAS 9.1 on several machines and on one cluster the server logs are getting flooded with errors like this.
      Error occurred on connection creation [localhost:37676]. - cause: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect|#]
      After many of these we get messages like: MQJMSRA_RA2001: onException:Reconnect unsuccessfull on loop# 518|#

      I was able to trace these back to a point in time where it appears the admin server asked the node agent to shut down the JMS provider. I see the following messages
      [#|2008-01-21T07:38:36.334-0500|INFO|sun-appserver9.1|javax.resourceadapter.mqjmsra.lifecycle|_ThreadID=24;_ThreadName=iMQEventHandler-3;|MQJMSRA_RA1101: onEvent:Connection Event:E201:[E201]: Connection closed due to admin requested shutdown: localhost:37676(2243), com.sun.messaging.jms.notification.ConnectionClosedEvent[source=BrokerAddress=localhost:37676(2243), ConnectionID=3785864354043875840, ReconnectEnabled: false, IsConnectedToHABroker: false]|#]

      [#|2008-01-21T07:38:36.334-0500|WARNING|sun-appserver9.1|javax.resourceadapter.mqjmsra.lifecycle|_ThreadID=24;_ThreadName=iMQEventHandler-3;_RequestID=7cad7955-d7fc-4448-875f-869f3ccf8a3b;|MQJMSRA_RA2001: onException:Connection Failed:[C4056]: Received goodbye message from broker.|#]

      Our application doesn't even use JMS and there are no connection factories or destinations configured. Does anybody know why this is happening, or how to prevent it?