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    Css and images not served Sun Solaris App Server 8.1

      I'm experiencing the following problem with a Grails based web application.
      The server (Sun App server 8.1) is not serving any CSS or Image. The application is still usable and deploys ok.

      If I hit the main page of my app (index.jsp) or any other paged served by a controller and I check the html source I have the following code in my html:
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/main.css"></link>

      Then if I browse to "http://myserver/myapp/css/main.css" I'm redirected to "http://myserver/myapp/css/main.css/index.gsp" that obviously doesn't exist. Then the server serves a 404 page with the following cryptic message:
      message: "null" not found.
      description: The requested resource ("null" not found.) is not available.

      The same warning appears in my app server log.
      If I deploy the app on a 9.0 server the problem disappears.

      Any idea?

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          I have similar problem.
          classic web application.

          the url on jsp page ..../css/screen.css is transformed on ..../css/screen.css/index.do
          (doesn't matter in context path is given or not, relative or absolute... still the same)

          Is this bug in sun app 8.1? Unfortunately, we cannot use other.
          What can I do?

          relevant mapping in web.xml is like this:


          I hope that someone from Sun will reply...