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    Interconnect OAI HTTP Adapter

      Has anyone configured the Interconnect HTTP adapter so that it can call a Web Service. Or is their another approach to publish messages via the HUB to a Web Service.

      Thanks in advance.

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          The HTTP adapter as is cannot invoke a web service, since it doesn't support Request/Reply (webservice term: request-response) which is a core webservices requirement (unless only "one-way" invocation style is needed - not that common).

          However, there is a workaround: HTTP-Adapter -> Post message to a servlet on local HTTP-Server -> same servlet posts/forwards message to a Webservice as an
          SOAP request -> Servlet then posts the return value to HTTP-Adapter -> HTTP receives message and common behaviour happens. This can be done by developing one
          additional servlet.

          OracleAS ProcessConnect 10g will introduce a Web Services adapter, the datasheet will within a day be posted on http://otn.oracle.com/tech/integration/processconnect.html