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    Unable to Register Sun App Server 9 in Netbeans 5.5


      I used to work on netbeans 5.5 and bundled sun app server 9. Everything was going fine. Today in the middle of a deployment in app server through netbeans, my system got hanged. So I killed the java.exe process.
      Now when I again attempted to open netbeans it showed me an error that some modules in sun app server could not be found and so sun app server could not be loaded. I tried registering sun app server again in netbeans but the server name was not even coming in the drop down list of app servers.

      Impatiently I uninstalled the bundled app server + netbeans through the uninstaller, and again installed the server and netbeans in a different directory. But again the same problem is coming and it is not showing the sun app server. Netbeans is opening and Sun App Server 9 is also working in isolated mode but I cant seem to find the sun app server still in the server list of netbeans.

      Kindly help. I am just too frustrated.