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    Upgrading the JVM


      We are runnning the Sun Java Application Server 7 Q2 and are looking to upgrade the JVM that is used, does anyone know what version this Sun server runs with? Is there any documentation that would indicate what is needing done to upgrade?

      Thanks for the help guys.
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          I suggest you look at upgrading your appserver7 install to the latest update 6 as well.
          Speaking of upgrading just JVM, it is quite easy. If you upgrade jdk it would be picked up automatically from the same location.
          If you change jdk directory, you have to modify AS_ROOT/config/asenv.conf and each of your servers server.xml files to point to your new jdk location.
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            Thanks very much for that sultal, yeah we are aware we should also upgrade our app server, but unfort I dont think its something that will happen right now.

            Does anyone know where I can find what version of the jdk we can upgrade to? Or is it safe to go to the latest?
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              Anyone know were i can find the latest recommended version of the JDK to upgrade to?