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    Sun Appication Server 9.1 UP1 installation halts !

      Dear All,

      I have this wierd problem. I downloaded the Sun Application Server 9.1 for my Windows XP. When the setup asks me about the prefered location for setup (i.e.; C:\Sun\AppServ), I clicked NEXT , then the setup just wont let me click any button again and just stop responding. the only thing i can click is the close(X) button on the top to end the setup!

      why am I having this problem? this is not the only time I tried it with the Sun Application Sever. It seems that there is a bug in the installation from Sun or something.

      No, I don't have spywares, viruses or what so ever!

      I am sending this question as my last hope to installing the server.

      Please help guys!