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    RFID Management Console can not login after installation finished.

      I have installed Sun Java System RFID Software 3.0 onto my desktop PC (intel pentium D 3.0 Ghz 1 Gbyte memory 140 Gbytes HDD with Windows XP Prof.)

      I have followed its installation guide step by step as the following:-

      1. Installed J2SE (j2sdk1.4.2_11)
      2. Installed Sun Application Server PE 8.2
      3. Installed POSTGRES 8.1 database
      4. Installed RFID Event Manager (RFIDem)
      5. Installed RFID Manangement Console (RFIDmc)
      6. Installed RFID Information Server (RFIDis)
      7. run SQL script for RFIDmc
      8. run SQL script for RFIDis
      9. Start/Stop/Start POSTGRES database (Service)
      10. Start/stop/start Sun Application Server (Default Server & Derby)
      11. Start/stop/start Sun Java System RFID Software (Station & Agent)

      Every steps have no error. On some steps must specify my PC's hostname. I typed "localhost", because I use DHCP.

      I can log into POSTGRES by default username with my specific password via admin program and see all corrected databases, schema, tables and data as SQL scripts.

      I can log into Sun Application Server by username "admin" with my specific password via Admin Console and see all deployed Enterprise Application (epcis), Web Application (sun-ale-service, sun-printer-service, sun-reader-service, sun-rfid-is and sun-rfid-mc) and EJB modules (sun-rfid-is-ejb).

      I can start the functions of RFIDem such as PMLreader, Tag Viewer and Configuration Manager. And can follow every steps on its Administration Guide.

      I got an error when try to access the RFIDmc by it procedure on page 82 of its Administration Guide. Step 1 is Ok., On step 2 I typed "http://localhost:8080/sdui" to activate it login screen on Internet Explorer. It is still Ok. But on step 3 typing default username "admin" and default password "admin", it show error "HTTP Status 404 - Servet action is not available".

      Please suggest me, how to solve this problem.