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    Basic: admin password


      I'm new to Sun JS app server. I've just downloaded and installed Sun App Server 9.1. I don't remember if I set the admin logins during the installation but anyways after done the installation and started the server I went to Admin Console and was asked for User Name and Password. The user name I think is "admin" but have no idea what the Password would be? I tried something like adminadmin but it wouldn't let me in. So is there a way to manually find or set the admin logins?

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          1. goto as8_install/domains/domain/config
          2. open admin-keyfile
          it looks like
          +user ;{SSHA}BaZTT0w5K5kxm9GSB6EFyQYul8Fc9tK6zSQGew==;asadmin+
          3. Now remove the encrypted pass (from { to ==;)
          4. try login from admin console using the user name and no password.