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    Insufficient disk space

      Under Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4, I'm getting the following error when trying to start asmt.
      The 16Go of free disk space...

      Any workaround?

      [apr@rhelserv bin]$ ./asmigrate.sh -c -s /home/apr/workspaces/migration/TSquare2_Systeme/ -t /home/apr/mig -S ws40 -T sjsas9 -d
      sun.iasmt.user.cmd.backendenablers.InputArgException: 204:Insufficient disk space. File: /home/apr/workspaces/migration/TSquare2_Systeme needs: 2422584 bytes available: 0 bytes
      at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.insufficientDiskSpace(Unknown Source)
      at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.exec(Unknown Source)
      at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.runTool(Unknown Source)
      at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.<init>(Unknown Source)
      at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.main(Unknown Source)
      Error 107:Tool can not recover from error.