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    Unable to deploy struts in Iplanet 6.0 SP9 webserver


      I'm trying to deploy an web application to Iplanet 6.0 SP9 version. But when I enable web_apps="on" in my webservers server.xml, I'm getting an "vs" must match error.

      Following is my web_apps.xml file content:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE vs PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.; iPlanet//DTD Virtual Server Web
      Applications 6.0//EN"

      <session-manager class="com.iplanet.server.http.session.IWSSessionManager">
      <parameter-encoding enc="UTF8"/>
      <web-app uri="/sampleStr" dir="/usr/somedir/sampleStr" enab

      Can anyone help me what is wrong in the file.

      Thanks in advance.