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    Problem in Sun Web Server 6.1 SP4

      Hi, All

      We develop a custom SAF to handle the http request and response. Our module must get the http request information before pre-headers process whether the request is a right or not. So we can deal with it in our SAF. It works well in iPlanet Web Server 6.0. But when the module works in Sun Web Server 6.1 SP4, a problem occurs. If the http request errors, for example, the request file does not exist (Not Found 404) or the request file's access failure (Forbidden 403), the Web Server will find the above errors and handle them before our module handle the http request.

      What is wrong with that? Is it because the difference of SAF hadle timing between iPlanet Web Server 6.0 and Sun Web Server 6.1? Or is it because the difference of configuration between two servers? Or other reasons? How to resolve the problem?