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    re: Sun One conflicting with Apache

      I have Sun One 4.0 ASP Server and Apache 2.0.43 and Tomcat 5.0.28 and I noticed that when I added the JK Mounts to Apache in order for Apache to become the dominant Web Server as opposed to Tomcat on the Unix side, that the Sun One statements caused conflict. Specifically:

      LoadModule casp2_module /var/Chilisoft/casp/module/sunos5_optimized/apache_2.0.x/20020903/standard/mod_casp2.so


      CaspLib /var/Chilisoft/casp/asp-server-3000

      ** When these lines were commented out, Apache worked fine and was able to bring back the Client page as well as data. Is there a port conflict with Apache or something else that I may be missing?