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    Access All Files in computer

      I am trying to create a FileTree in java, and I have made one; however, sometimes when I expand a certain node nothing shows up. When I go to windows explorer and try to access the same directory it tells me I need permission. After giving it permission it allows me to view the directory, and it has files in it. My question is how do I get the FileTree to show me those files, ie. how do I give permission to the executing program.
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          How do you give Explorer permission? By doing so from another account that has rights to do that, correct?

          If you could make your application have any rights, then you could write a trojan and do damage to an unsuspecting user by having the process assume whatever rights it wanted to and do things the user otherwise has no rights to do. That would be a security problem.

          Bottom line: You cannot really do that. It works as designed, only having rights to do what the account it is running within has.
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            Edit: Thanks for the (finally!) acknowledgement