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    Receive XML document as Webservice Response

      I have implemented webservices using axis.This works fine.
      But I need an receive the response as an XML document.because for multiple entries of same tag name, i can parse through the document and do what ever i want.

      Also how can i attach an external xsd for a wsdl.

      I am stuck up at these two places,Your help would be appriciated

      Thanks in advance
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          Can any body help in this.

          I am new to web services,i have implemented it using axis which returns a string. Now I want the server to send an XML and receive the same in the client too.
          I tried to send in as a Document object, but the wsdl is throwing error as its not recognising the document as an data type.

          Can any body help me breaking this dead lock.

          Thanks a lot in advance
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            Web service is platform independent hence most programming languages should return basic datatypes. In your case easiest thing would be to read that XSD file and convert entire file as String and return it as String. A document object will always throw an error.

            Google to find out datatypes supported.

            Hi Everyone,

            Please let me know if this can be a quick resolution to his problem.