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    Regarding the Abstract and Interface

      I am new to java programming

      I want to difference between abstract interface,interface and abstract class

      public abstract interface Test{}

      public interface Test{}

      public abstract class Test{}

      which kind of situations use the above interfaces and abstract classes

      It would be helpfull if explain with example....

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          Any introductory java course, textbook, or tutorial, will have sections on abstract classes and interfaces. Once you go through those sections, you'll know what each one is, and once you know what they are, you'll know how they're similar and how they're different. Those resources will also have examples of their use.

          And there's this new invention called the "internet search engine." I highly recommend you try it.
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            shashikumar, please don't multipost and don't use the browser's back button to edit your post. This creates multiple posts. I've removed the other thread you started a minute after this one.