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    input numbers.. adding them

      hello i need to write a program to add numbers inputed... ex 234 = 9... (2+3+4).. how would i do this... is there a way to seperate each number in a input to add seperatly?... any thoughts let me know... has to be recurssive methods.. no loops.. thanks
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          So what do you have, what have you tried, and what is giving you trouble?
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            I guess it depends exactly what kind of calculator (that's what it sounds like, a calculator) is it? Is it a command prompt interface? Or is it like MSCalculator?
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              javax.script.ScriptEngine, javax.script.ScriptEngineManager
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                Caarmel wrote:
                javax.script.ScriptEngine, javax.script.ScriptEngineManager
                Hi Caarmel,

                The OP has an assignment to do. It is fruitless to suggest him/her an API he/she is not allowed to use.
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                  First you have to read a line of text.
                  One way to do that is this
                  String input=System.console().readLine();
                  Then you need a way to get a single character from the input.
                  String firstCharacter=input.substring(0, 1);
                  That gives you the first character in the string.

                  Then you can simply convert that to an int like this
                  int number=Integer.parseInt(firstCharacter);
                  Another useful hint is that you can do this
                  String restOfString=input.substring(1);
                  This cuts of the first character and gives you the rest.

                  Now you just have to write a recursive method that takes a String as an argument and adds all the numbers by adding the first number to the sum of the rest.
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                    Hii rayman551
                    private void add()
                                int vlu = 234;
                                int dig = 0;
                                int Res  = 0;
                                String V = String.valueOf(vlu);
                                int len = V.length();
                                for(int i = 0; i < len; i++)
                                   dig = Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(V.charAt(i)));
                                   Res = Res + dig;
                    i think this is the convenient way to solve... hope this can help..
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                      dev wrote:
                      hope this can help..
                      No, it won't help. The OP must not use loops in his/her assignment.