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    FDM Installation

    Varun Kaushal
      Is it possible to install FDM Web and Application on two different servers.

      Kindly reply it urgent
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          Yes you can install web and app on separate servers.
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            Varun Kaushal
            Thanks Tony, I have Installed the Web and Application components on different servers. But after deployment of Workspace Web on IIS the virtual host directory for FDM i.e."Hyperion FDM" is not getting generated in IIS web sites.

            Also while trying to configure the Load Balance Manager I am getting an error message " ActiveX Component cannot be created".

            Thanks & Regards
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              Hello Varun,

              I believe I have answered a similar style question like this before. The HyperionFDM virtual directory for IIS will not get installed/deployed unless two things happen:
              1. The installation detects a compatible version of IIS installed
              2. The EPM configurator was ran to deploy FDM.

              Thank you,
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                Varun Kaushal

                We have deployed entire Hyperion on the same version of IIS rest all components (HFM, EPMA, FR, WAS) are working perfectly fine. So I guess the same version should hold good for FDM.

                Also we have run EPM configurator for both WEB and Application server.

                We have installed IIS 6.0 but we are running the same in 5.0 Isolation mode. Do let me know if this is causing the problem.

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                  Yes, 5.0 isolation mode will cause a problem. It must be in IIS 6.0 standard mode.
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                    Hello Varun,

                    The reason being is because IIS 5.0 does not support Application Pools. Something that is required for FDM.
                    That is why you can not see the FDM App pool... and the configuration fails.

                    Thank you,
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                      Varun Kaushal
                      But while trying to configure the Load Balance Manager I am getting an error message " ActiveX Component cannot be created". I guess this not related to IIS as this component is on application server ans has nothing to with IIS.

                      Kindly let me know how to resolve this issue.

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                        Do you happen to have MS-Excel instlled on the FDM server. I have seen this error before and recall that support told me to install MS-Excel and then the error was gone.


                        Azmat Bhatti
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                          Hello Azmat Bhatti,

                          Excel has nothing to do with the errors being received.

                          Thank you,
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                            There are many things that could cause the "Active-X Component Can't Create Object" error in the load balance configuration. I would suggest opening a service request with Oracle Support to view your environment and identify what is causing this error.
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                              Hi varun,

                              I need to configure hyperion on enterprise linux 5.3. I have 3 boxes , 2 linux boxes and 1 windows 2003 sp1.

                              On 1 linux box i have installed weblogic 9.2mp4, hyperion web application tier, another linux box i installed essbase, windows box fdm.

                              Can how to install IIS on windows box and how it communicates with weblogic.

                              can u also tell me do i need to start apache manually from 1st linux box how its work??

                              can you provide me a documentation other than the oracle deployment guide which would be very simple for the beginners .

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                                I can only responde to the IIS Windows Question. FDM runs in IIS, there is no weblogic necessary unless you are using ERPi which is a Java based component. To install IIS on a windows 2003 server it is located within Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > and then select IIS. You also need to choose to install the .NET component as well. Both of these are checkboxes available in the windows components screen.