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    Programming with applet and oracle

      Develop an Online Examination software in java using applets as front end and oracle as back end. Software should handle at least ten users at a time. There are Multiple Choice questions and True/False questions in the test. Questions will be randomly selected from the Question bank. There should be least repetition of questions. Candidate can enrol in more than one subject of which s/he will pay Rs. 100 per subject and given different registration number. Registration number is used to check the eligibility of the candidate.There is provision for the candidates to switch over previous questions also. Candidates can bookmark questions if they have doubt. Candidates can check thier status within their given time. The time left and bookmark information is shown on the top of the screen. Candidates can submit their answers before the time given to them is over. Candidates receive their score card after the submission of their answers. There should be provision for the administrator to add, delete and modify the exam, subject, student and question details.

      Following are the classes used in the software:
      1. EXAM
      to store the examination details
      2. STUDENT
      to store the student details
      3. SUBJECT
      to store the subject details
      to store Multiple choice and True/False questions
      derived entity to store information about questions put to all students online
      6. STATUS
      to store mark with the question
      (There can be three marks related to a question.:
      A : if student has attempted the question
      U : if student has unattempted the question
      BA : if student has attempted and bookmarked the question
      BU : if student has unattempted and bookmarked the question)
      This table is truncated after the session of the exam is over.
      7. SCORE
      to store the results of the students in different subjects in all exams
      8. ENROLED IN
      to store the information about date of enrolment and fee paid