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compiling files that are given to me

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hi, i'm in a fundamental data structures class, and the topics are fairly easy, however i just cant figure out how to start my project. the project is to implement a maze generator and solver. my prof. has given me several files (.java files and .class files) and i am to implement two of the .java files.

however, i'm new to mac's and i cant figure out how to get these files into xcode to work with them. i went to action and imported the existing files, but i wasnt able to build the project or set the target, i had no idea what i was doing. From there i just tried to use a text editor and compile the classes through the terminal and run it from the terminal... the two commands should just be javac and java right? however, when i use those commands (on my mac which xcode was properly installed) i get an error 'Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Dark', where Dark is what i'm running.

i get 'error: cannot read:
1 error' when i try to compile a class.

what should i do? it sounds like something is wrong with the path's or something.

ALSO, i would rather work on this in xcode, the text editor thing is just a make shift resolution.