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    new to multiple methods

      hey i trying to learning coding using an arraylist and i have to read from command line for a special word and save the arraylist as a file but i'm having problems in writing it with multiple methods
      public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
      list = new ArrayList<String>();
      Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
      public static void commandread1(Scanner sc) throws IOException {
      while (sc has text) {
      String text= text.nextLine();
      if (!text.equals("")) {
      Scanner sc2 = new Scanner(text);
      String letter = sc.next();
      if (letter equals something) commandsave(*What goes in here*); ////my ecilpse keeps telling
      // me to set as null but then i can't compile i tried to change it to args but still getitng error
      public static void commandsave(ArrayList<String> list) throws IOException {
      String arg2 = *args[1]*; /// ecilpse also says error with the args, has nothing to
      // do with it being 1 because i've used args[0] somewhere before for
      // another section of code and it's fine just getting problem with this
      followed by the printerwiter/bufferedwriter and filewriter  to give formating of the document