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        I don't want to teach them how to code. It seems like
        this will be waste of time.
        There are many things that Sun is not going to take the time (cost) to research themselves. Providing a ready made solution might provide a tipping point for them implementing it.

        And other people have provide solutions that were incorporated into the code base.
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          Hi folks,

          I'm having this problem already with Java 1.5 and 1.6 version on Windows 2000 Server.

          The situation: I have a desktop GUI program that does weightings and register the date and time of the weighting. After daylight savings in Brazil (timezone GTM-03 Brasilia or America_SaoPaulo) the weightings where registered with one hour less.

          I've alread checked the timezone configuration on the machine, and it was correct. But even if I set the correct timezone and time settings in Windows the Java gets the time with one hour less.

          The machine is a Windows 2000 Server with Java 1.6. I've tested with a WindowsXP server with Java 1.6 and the problem also ocurred.

          So is it possible that we have this bug back?

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            I am seeing this problem with 1.5.0_11 when configuring the 2003 Windows system with IST. IST does not have the have Daylight savings time so the system automatically sets the DisableAutoDaylightTimeSet to 1. This makes the JDK return the time in GMT +5:30 in their case. One way that I have gotten around this is to set the -Duser.timezone to the appropriate setting. Is this what I should do for all my installations in various countries when running my Java application?
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              sample code for getting default timezone

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                Blocked Michael_Brightman post due to link spamming.
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