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    Program to read only specific words in each Line in a text file

      I have a question
      I need to write a program where the program must read only specific words in each line
      I will give you an example...

      PSAPPSRV.21201      1-42 13.35.54 238.360 Cur#1.HDEV RC=0 Dur=0.000 COM Stmt=SELECT VERSION FROM PSVERSION WHERE OBJECTTYPENAME = 'SYS'

      PSAPPSRV.21201      1-43 13.35.54 0.040 Cur#2.HDEV RC=0 Dur=0.000 COM Stmt=SELECT STYLESHEETNAME FROM PSOPTIONS

      These are two lines in my text file...now I need to read only the SQL statements present that is both SELECT statements.. Can you please suggest a method.......