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      I developed a swing application by using NetBeansIDE 6.1,it is working fine. I copied the entire code to MyeclipseIDE 4.1 and tried to run it,but it is showing so many errors. So what i have to do to run the NetBeansIDE code in MyeclipseIDE? please anybody help in solving this problem ?
      In both IDEs java jdk1.50 was configured.

      Thanks in advance
      Ravuri Vinod

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          What does this have to do with strings and why are you not telling us what these apparent errors are? Oh, and Eclipse doesn't use a JDK, it uses a JRE. Check your compiler config
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            Well nobody can say with utmost certainty where you are going wrong.
            but the most common one would be to check whether eclipses configuration are correct or not and then check for your code.