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    Search HTML files using lucene API

      Hi All,

      I have to create a application that will index HTML docs/files and then perform search on that index and fetch records on the basis of HTML file name that user provides.

      Basically this is a impact analysis utility, if we remove a HTML doc or module from the application (application here is 4 which we are creating this impact analysis tool) how much pages/module it will affect.

      Search Keyword: Page1.html

      Result Something like this
      This page reference is used in following pages/module
      - Page6.html
      - Page15.html
      - Page19.html

      I have already worked with the Lucene API that provide functionality to Index and Search text...but i don't have any idea whether Lucene support this or not.
      Any idea/thoughts from you will be very helpful.... please provide your suggestions , how can i implement this?


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