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    Unix vs Windows EAR issue


      I have this weird issue with my ear file. I have an consisting of a product.war, a product.jar and productejb.jar, a customizedcode.jar and some included third party utility jars. productejb.jar only contains deployment descriptors (in my case the standard j2ee ones, weblogic specific and a manifest file.) In product.jar there is a sort of controller that delegates requests to a corresponding action class. The customizedcode.jar contains code to customise the purchased product. The customizedcode.jar is referenced in the classpath attribute of the manifest.mf from both product.war and productejb.jar. In don't see any path delimiters or hardcoded filenames, only relative references to jars in the root of the ear file .

      We're running the application in a WebLogic 9.2 server. When I deploy my ear file on a windows machine, I get a perfectly working system. When I do the same on our HPUX system, I get NoClassDefFoundErrors for each of the classes in the customizedcode.jar. Does anyone know of deployment differences between unix and windows?