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    calculate number of months


      i am given 2 dates in form of mm/yyyy. For example, 7/2008 and 3/2010. How to calculate the number of months between the dates?
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          Possibly you need little more than some arithmetic. We don't have "leap months", so there are exactly 12 per year. Every year.

          Suppose you worked in an egg factory. The cartons roll past you stamped in numeric order. You notice that box number 2008 had the first half dozen eggs missing. 2009 was ok (had the complete 12). And 2010 only contained three eggs. How many eggs were there alltogther?
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            You have to define 'month' a bit more accurate, e.g. for the dates 3/30/2008 and 3/1/2008 you won't call the difference a 'month' because both days are in the same month but for the dates 3/1/2008 and 2/1/2008 you'd probably call the difference a 'month' although there are the same number of days in the two date ranges.

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