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    java Socket Socket(hostname, 23) autentication Telnet error) - pls help tks


      I'm developing a java routine for getting and manipulating of some data in my server

      I wrote the simple application and if i'm connecting in an hardware device like voiprouter VIA TELNET PORT 23
      the application routine is working perfectly

      but if i change the parameter and i use my ip server centos version 5.1

      the application seem that is connecting but is in standby ...
      and then I have to kill the application

      the iptable see correcte too and the service of telnet is properly started...

      this is a part of my application

      if (args.length > 0)
      hostname = args[0];

      PrintWriter out = null;
      BufferedReader networkIn = null;

      try {
      Socket theSocket = new Socket(hostname, 23);
      networkIn = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(theSocket.getInputStream()));
      BufferedReader userIn = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));
      out = new PrintWriter(theSocket.getOutputStream());
      System.out.println("Connected to echo server");

      f1 = true;


      Please any suggetsion?? thanks

      If I'm in the wrong form please letme know bye Paul tks