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    Suffix Tree Disk Based

      I am doing a senior project with the topic of Genomic Code Searching. I've already done the java code for building suffix tree and also can be used for searching from the created tree with memory based version. Now I have a problem with the disk base version since my advisor want me to do suffix tree disk base version to handle a large size of human genome. He suggested me to read papers such as http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~jignesh/publ/stc.pdf and try to implement one of them. Anyone have an experience in doing this kind of program. I can understand the algorithm in some paper but anyway I can't implement it. Please give me the code or give me some suggestion about this. The advisor need me to compare the performance of disk based version with my program in memory based version. It would be grateful if anyone can give me the code.
      Thank you so much
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          That's a little pushy, don't you think? You're asking somebody to do your senior project for you and post it here so you can take credit for it?
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            Sorry about this but i'm not asking others to do my project. I've already done the programming in memory based version but for the disk based one my advisor told me that you can download the code from internet and try to use it to compare the performance with my program. Since all papers about disk base suffix tree are the Phd thesis, I sincerely say that I don't have enough ability to implement as the published paper. I just need some code and compare the performance of that program with my own program to see the difference between memory base and disk base.
            Or anyone can give me some suggestion? Sorry for making some misunderstanding. I just need some help to make the experimental part about performance of my program is completed. Thanks again
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              Downloading the code from the Internet is significantly different from asking people on the Internet to give you the code. The former implies the code already exists and you will just download it. The latter implies that you are asking people to do free work specifically for your project.

              My suggestion would be to hire somebody to write the code for you, if you can't find it on the Internet and you don't have the ability to do it yourself.