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    How to cast a List to an Object array/Suggestions to code more efficiently?

      Hi All,

      I am writing a block of code to remove elements from an Object array if a duplicate found and want a way to write it more efficiently. Currently, I am using 4 arrays:

      usersAllPhases [] ---> array of users
      reviewResult [] ---> another array to compare
      newUsersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned [] = array to store new set of users
      usersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned [] = arraylist to add new list to

      Here is the code I've written:
      User[] usersAllPhases = null;
      User[] newUsersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned = null;
      usersAllPhases = getUserArray();
      ReviewResult[] reviewResult = (ReviewResult[]) request.getAttribute("RESULTS");
      List usersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned = new ArrayList();
      int userCount = 0;                                      
      for (int i=0; i<usersAllPhases.length; i++){
          int usersAllPhasesId = usersAllPhases.getID();
      for (int h=0; h<reviewResult.length; h++){
      if (usersAllPhasesId != reviewResult[h].getReviewPerformer().getUserID()){
      usersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned.add((User) usersAllPhases[i]);

      for(int j=0; j<usersAllPhases.length; j++){
      newUsersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned[j] = (User) usersAllPhasesNotYetAssigned.get(j);
      As you can see, I'm looping through the first object array, then comparing one of it's properties to another array, then if a duplicate ID is not found, I'm adding the Object to an ArrayList.  I then save the ArrayList items to another User[] array (to be sent to a different method that requires a User[] Object array.
      I know this can be done written more efficiently somehow.  Is there a better way to remove items from an Object array?  If not, is there a better way to cast a List to an Object array?
      Thanks in Advance!
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