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    My fix for ConcurrentModificationException

      I've dealt with this problem a few times and when it popped up in a new
      place last week I once again went searching for a solution. I read
      through several forum posts all of which offered good suggestions but
      no one had a solid answer.

      Looking at my code:
      Iterator ittr = assets.values().iterator();
      while (ittr.hasNext()) {
      Where assets is defined as:
      TreeMap<Integer, Asset> assets

      I realized that the method addAssetButtonEx(Asset asset), which is
      called in the loop above, creates a good precentage of the user
      interface and passes the reference to asset along to every
      UI component it creates.

      Thinking that the loop may iterate around before the UI creation is completed I came up with this idea:
      Asset[] cliAssets = new Asset[assets.size()];
      cliAssets = assets.values().toArray(cliAssets);
      for (int x = 0; x < cliAssets.length; x++) {
      This creates an array which points to the internal array of the assets TreeMap. The result is that each iteration of the
      loop passes a reference to an array element to addAssetButtonEx()
      instead of a temporary object that is gone with the next iteration of
      the loop. This fixed my problem.

      I hope this helps someone....