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Encoding problem while parsing XML. � symbol converts to ? symbol

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I am facing a problem with special charcter (� symbol) while parsing the XML. My application receives a request xml from another system which has some text notes having � symbol in it. The character encoding i am using at my end is utf-8. When i receive the xml at my end the � symbol gets converted to ? symbol and i can not see the � symbol in the request at my end.

After receiving the xml and doing some data validation i pass it to some other application for further processing. The problem is that when i pass the parsed xml with the ? symbol (which was earlier the � symbol and was converted to ? symbol) to other system it receives 3 ? symbol for each � symbol. This is creating problem at their end and hence throwing some corba exception to us.
I would appreciate if any one can help me in this regard by telling me that is this some problem specific to Java and how to receive the � symbol without conversion to ? symbol. The format used by all the systems end to end is UTF-8.

I am also not sure is it the display of � symbol as ? symbol or ? is shown to me because the charcter � is not recognized

My application is deployed on weblogic 8.1 sp4 and on solaris OS.