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    Creating a recursive HTree for class...please help!


      Our instructions were rather easy...to make a recursive H tree that when finished, would look like whats in this link.


      After writing a good bit of code of what I thought should work, I ran it and apparently a couple things are messing up but Im not sure what! I cant figure out whats going on. Obviously the math is not getting some of the top H's to print out or something...
         import javax.swing.*;
         import java.awt.*;
         import java.awt.event.*;
          public class Tree extends JPanel
             public Tree()
             public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
             private void paintHTree(Graphics g, int xCent, int yCent, int size)
               g.drawLine(xCent - size/2,yCent,xCent + size/2,yCent); //middle
               g.drawLine(xCent - size/2,yCent - size/2,xCent - size/2,yCent + size/2); //left
               g.drawLine(xCent + size/2,yCent - size/2,xCent + size/2,yCent + size/2); //right     
               int tx = xCent;
               int ty = yCent;
               int tsize = size;
               int blx = xCent;
               int bly = yCent;
               int blsize = size;
               int brx = xCent;
               int bry = yCent;
               int brsize = size;
               if (size > 64)
                  xCent = xCent/2;
                  yCent = yCent/2;
                  size = size/2;
                  paintHTree(g, xCent, yCent, size);
                  tx = tx + tsize/2;
                  ty = ty/2;
                  tsize = tsize/2;
                  paintHTree(g, tx, ty, tsize);
                  brx = brx + brsize/2;
                  bry = bry + brsize/2;
                  brsize = brsize/2;
                  paintHTree(g, brx, bry, brsize);
                  blx = blx - blsize/2;
                  bly = bly + blsize/2;
                  blsize = blsize/2;                     
                  paintHTree(g, blx, bly, blsize);               
      The first and second step work fine, and I can get those if I change that if statement to either 128 or 256. But when I try to go to 64 in that if statement, not all of the H's show up...It looks like this...


      And then when I go to 32, it just keeps getting worse...But I notice the upper left quadrant of 32 is identical to the entire picture of the 64. Which is weird, idk...


      Any suggestions? I tried playing with the math formulas but idk what to do next!

      This is what my tester looks like:
         import javax.swing.*;
         import java.awt.*;
         import java.awt.event.*;
          public class TreeViewer extends JFrame        
             public TreeViewer()
               Tree tree = new Tree();     
             public static void main(String[] args) 
               TreeViewer viewer = new TreeViewer();
               viewer.setTitle("Recursive Trees");