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    problem with CSV file and Ostermiller library

      Hello, I'm using Ostermiller library to generate file with csv format.
      The problem is that this library seems to have a bug when it comes to data including the character carriage return.
      For example I try to record a file with the following data:

      Field1 = Text1
      Field2 = This is
      a long text including
      carriage return

      Theoritically the file should looks like this:
      Text1,"This is
      a long text including
      carriage return

      But the library creates the following:
      Text1, This is\ra long text including\rcarriage return\rcharacters

      The \r you can see in not 0x0D but 0x5C 0x72 !!!!!!
      This is not a correct CSV format and then I cannot reopen the file correctly with Excel.

      Did you already see this problem with this library?

      Any idea?