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    Netbeans 5.5 and Oracle 9i


      I am trying to connect to an Oracle 9i database using the Netbeans 5.5. As specified in the tutorials, I need to create a connection in the Runtime pane and then drag the table that I need to drag the table to the page, or page component. The page component that I am dragging the table to is a data table.

      Anyways, I am able to connect to the database schema in the runtime pane (i can do selects), but when I drag the table (from runtime pane) to the table (page component)....nothing happens to the table (page component). I see a datasource created in the projects pane, but it is not working. The page component (table) remains as previously was...no changes.

      I also tried another database (JavaDB), and this works fine. Any clues as to why the Oracle 9i connection isn't working?

      Thanks for your time...