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    Creating XML File Dynamically - Pls Help

      Hi all

      My problem is

      First - Sub:  Generating XML File dynamically and store values

      I have two strings taken from two text boxes, Name and age, for eg,
      On a submit button, i need to

      1)Create an xml file dynamically
      2)Store these values in that file ,may be in the format

      <Name> Subeesh </Name>
      <Age> 24 </Age>

      Second - Sub: Parsing the File based on 'Name'

      I have a text box that takes the user input 'Name'
      On a 'Retrieve' button click, i need to retrieve the matching age of the Name(Nothing more than parsing the previous file)
      For eg, if i say Subeesh and Press the button 'Retrieve'.. the age 24 is to be printed/retrieved

      To summarize, Storing values in XML File and its Retrieval is the problem,

      Pls help me..Wasted a lot of time for this