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    saving files and future Java Virtual Machine updates questions

      So I've made A program that keeps a list of Ingredients and Recipes for my dads small business. This program is currently on 3 computers my dads, the secretaries, and mine. I made it so it saved and loaded from a shared folder in the network where all the computers has access. The secretary and my dads computer saved and loaded the program fine with changes from one to the other, but mine wouldn't. If I save what information I put on my computer the other computers could no longer load the save file. If i saved something on the secretary or dads computer then my computer would not be able to load the file.
      well i solved this problem by re downloading Java virtual machine on my computer.
      this brings me to my question:
      Will future virtual machine updates make it so the program can't read old .dat files (I've been using ObjectInputStreams and ObjectOutputStreams to save and load)
      Sorry for the long story before the question I just wanted to state how I came to the question.