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Byte to Char ...

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I have written an encryption function in PHP which at a certain point uses the built in chr() function to convert a byte back to a character. This works fine, however when I do the same thing in Java ( by casting the byte as a char ) I have problems.

It seems characters with ASCCI values greater than 128 are being displayed as the wrong characters and sometimes not at all ( they become ? ).

Some example output from the PHP ...


....-785314906..........166...................... �

Im assuming this is because the way PHP handles the bytes differs from java. Does anyone know how I can get my java representation of these bytes to work for conversion to characters ?

My java code goes like this ...
System.out.println((char)(byte) byteCode)
* byteCode is an integer variable containing values like those shown above.

Many thanks for any insight ...

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    A byte is only 8 bits and it's signed as well so 1 bit is reserved for the sign.
    As a consequence a byte in Java has the numerical range of -128 to 127.

    Just for the record, as far as I know a byte could never have the values -785314906 or 805139163 in any language unless that language defines a byte to be something other than a byte.

    Try the following to convert your "byteCode"s:
    System.out.println((char)(0xff & byteCode));
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    Nice one, thanks a load thats fixed it !!!