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    File permissions: how do they work?

      Hi everybody,
      I've noticed a few posts on the forum here about file permissions, and it's made me quite curious. I'd really like to know how that works, and I have a few questions I hope somebody can answer.

      1. When you set a file's permission, say, canRead() is false, does that mean a human can't read it, the system can't read it, the JVM can't read it, or some combination of those options?

      2. Is it possible to set canRead() to false for a file contained in a jar so only the JVM can read it? (I guess that's kind of an offshoot of the first question)

      3. Are the canRead() and canWrite() functions some kind of lock on the file, like a password, and can they be overridden by a user?

      I think that's everything. If I think of anything else I'll probably post it, but for now if anyone can answer these 3 questions (or even one of them), I'd really appreciate it.


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