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    How create table with variable number of columns?

      I am creating table data in Java. Number of columns is variable. How I can write <table> in UIX.

      Here is code of one of my unsuccessful attempt:

      <!- get table data like DataObjectList-->
      <data name="ReportTableData">
      <method class="app.ReportTableData" method="getTableData"/>

      <!- get names of columns like DataObjectList-->
      <data name="ColumnNames">
      <method class="app.ReportTableData" method="getColumnNames"/>

      <table data:tableData="@ReportTableData">
      <contents data:childData="@ColumnNames">
      <text data:text="nameColumn"/>

      I hoped that I can get cell data by key, where key is name of column. But cells of table contain only names of columns.

      Please help me, where I mistaken?
      Thank you.