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    how mobile connect to server in real world

      Hi every body,

      i am new to the j2me and the servers world so i am sorry if iam asking trivial questions.

      i have midp that needs to get data from a database,for testing i used my pc as server and installed tomcat and sql ,i wrote my servlet and midp and i used emulator not real mobile for test and every thing is fine.

      the problem now that i need this scenario to work in the real world,i have a real server now and a real mobile but i dont know how they will be connected together ,
      i dont want them connected through a cable or bluetooth i want to be able to access this server from any where as we access any website from our mobiles.

      please this is urgent project for me so if any body could help that would be great but please explain in details as i am lost in this part

      thanks in advance