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    Data Integration Between Oracle Databases

      Hi everybody,

      I am an oracle database and now I'm experiencing something new in my job. I have to define the way my company will perform a data integration.
      My situation is this: Here, people are constructing a new, huge system called MEGA with its own Oracle Database. But, there are 20 other smaller systems, each one with their own Oracle Database that will share data with MEGA Database.
      Here the most commom situation is that some data must be synchronized in x in x hours between the main MEGA database and the other smaller databases. But some data must be synchronized automatically to provide the online data integrity.
      My doubt is: what's the best way to do this integration? Do I have to use Materialized View, Triggers, procedures or is there a tool that comes with Oracle Database that I can use to simplify this data integration?
      Do I have to create a Database to keep the transactional data?
      If someone can give me any hints, I'll be very thankfuled....
      Bye, bye...

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          Depending on your situation and whether your databases are heterogeneous you could start by looking at the following two OTN pages:

          If you require data transformations look at OracleAS InterConnect:

          Replication with Oracle Streams:

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