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    comparing string with an element of object[]

      Ive got A collection (elementColl) that consists of jasperreportmobel objects.
      i terated each object and got the first element of valuelist in s. but these value are appended using blank spaces

      ie i get tempObj[0]=" D";
      this should be equal to "D" which i get in s1.
      how do i compare tempObj[0] and s1?
      for (Iterator iter = elementColl.iterator(); iter
                                         .hasNext();) {
                                    Object object = (Object) iter.next();
                                    JasperReportModel campusModel = (JasperReportModel) object;
                                    if (i == elementColl.size()) {
                                         Object tempObj[] = campusModel.getValueList();
                                         if (s1.equals(tempObj[0])) {
                                    } else {
                                         i = i + 1;