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    Problem while creating jar file

      I have folder called bin in which i have put all my class files and the required jars file . I have 5 jarfiles

      I created a manifest file Test.txt inside the bin folder
      and the content is given below

      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Main-Class: com.school.Main
      Class-Path: ./charsets.jar ./cryptix32.jar ./jfreereport-0.8.4_10-all_new.jar ./mysql-connector-java-3.0.8-stable-bin.jar

      from command promt i went to that bin folder and excuted

      jar cvfm Myproject.jar Test.txt *.*

      It created the jar file in inside the bin folder ... and if i double click jar
      when its in the bin folder it is working
      but if i take that jar from that folder and place in some other folder its
      not working. error saying
      Could not find the main class

      And if i copy those jar file which are required to the same folder where
      i have myproject.jar then it started working

      My doubt is i already bundled all the jar required in the same myproject
      jar . then y its not reading that jars.
      Is my classpath set in mainfest file wrong .. if yes how to set it