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    Language Support For A Simple Calendar


      We have programmed a simple calendar that stores and gets data from an embedded derby database. it is actually a very simple program with a little writing in it. Just for the fun of it and well and for trying something i have decided to make language support for the program.

      This I do by creating a text file and one class of the program gets the information from the text file with BufferedReader and StringTokenizer classes and stores each one of them in seperate static variables and other classes reach those Strings and display them. this is a simple solution but since it uses StringTokenizer it is slow and it uses unnecessary memory, but since the language files are simple text files the user can make support for a new language very easily and use it instead.

      I wanted your comments about this way of solving the problem and wanted to learn how would you do the language support.

      Thank you for your help

      Have nice days.